Member Registration

About Member Registration (Free)

My Page is a useful feature for members, which becomes available if you register.

  • You can store exhibition room codes after they have been entered.
  • You don’t need to re-enter information (such as name or shipping address) each time you order.
  • You can temporarily save your selected photo list.
  • You can view the delivery status of photo orders and your photo purchase history.
  • You can combine and ship multiple orders together [Click here for details on combining shipments]
  • *Please note that photos will be removed once the exhibition room publication date has expired.
  • *If you do not login at least once within two years of registering, or your last login, your membership information will be erased.

Personal Information Handling

We ask that you agree to the following in order to register as a member.

1. Business Name
Happy Smile, INC.
2. Privacy Administrator (or Agent) - Name or Job Title
Privacy Administrator: Human Resources/General Affairs Group Manager Takashi Harigaya
Phone number: 048-729-5278
3. Intended Use of Personal Information
  • Allows customers to purchase photos.
  • For purposes of invoicing, sending photos, performing services, management (including contacting the individual), etc.
  • For providing various types of information associated with this service.
4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
We may provide photo purchase information (purchaser name and copies purchased) via email attachment (password protected) to organizations that request our photo purchasing service.
5. Personal Information Handling
We may entrust your information to external entities only for business operations and for purposes set forth in the preceding items. If we entrust your information, we have only selected subcontractors with a high level of personal information protection and have required the subcontractors to sign contracts for proper management and confidentiality when dealing with personal information.
6. Requests for the Disclosure of Personal Information

You may contact us about the disclosure of your own personal information via the contact information below. If you wish to contact us, we will confirm your identity and respond within a reasonable period of time.

Contact Information

1753 Sashiogi, Nishi-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 331-0047
Happy Smile INC. Personal Information Inquiries
TEL: 048-729-5259 (10am - 5pm*)

  • *Replies will be sent on the next business day for inquires received on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and during the end of year and Golden Week holiday periods.
7. Regarding the Voluntary Provision of Personal Information
You may choose whether or not to provide us with personal information. However, if there is necessary information that we are not provided with, we may not be able to respond appropriately.

Check “I agree with the contents of ‘Personal Information Handling’”, then click the “Proceed to Membership Registration” button.